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I am challenging myself to take more photographs. I am doing this with a picture-a-day challenge.

This is where you make yourself go out and take at least one single picture for every single day. Rain or shine, wind or snow; i will be out there taking a photograph and posting on this blog. It can be of absolutely anything I fancy and it will go on for as long as I can manage to keep posting consistently. Hence the name ‘Picture-a-Day Challenge.

Here is the full list of posts from my picture-a-day challenge.

DAY 1: Dragonfly at Hawks Mill, Needham Market

DAY 2: Rope swing at Hawks Mill, Needham Market

DAY 3: Swan at Needham Lake, Needham Market

DAY 4: Bridge at Needham Lake, Needham Market

DAY 5: Specialized Allez 2013, Needham Market

DAY 6: Under-exposed flower, Needham Market

Day 7: Oriental Hand Fan Still life, Ipswich

Day 8: Underneath Felixstowe Pier, Felixstowe

Day 9: Gipping Valley, Needham Market

Day 10: Mossy Tree, Needham Market

Day 11: Field At Baylham, Baylham

Day 12: Tunnel of Trees, Needham Market

Day 13: Nuffield Tractor, Darmsden.

Day 14: High Contrast Black and White, Great Bealings.

Day 15: Clouds Over The Deben, Woodbridge.

Day 16: Portrait of self, Darmsden.

Day 17: Leaf Close-up, Great Blakenham.

Day 18: Decay, The Waterfront of Ipswich.

Day 19: Barking Church, Barking.

Day 20: Angel Statue, Barking.

Day 21: Volkswagen Camper Van, Ipswich.

Day 22: Buoy, Ipswich waterfront.

Day 23: Waterfront View, Ipswich.

Day 24: Purple Flower Macro.

Day25: Self Portrait, Ipswich.

Day 26: Dead Flowers, Barking.

Day 27: Wheat Field Bug, Hadleigh.

Day 28: Ipswich Church At Night, Ipswich.

Day 29: Barking Church Bible, Barking.

Day 30: Bike Rest Stop, Wolves Wood.

Day 31: Wood pile, Darmsden.

Day 32: Sweet tooth, Still life.

Day 33: Glass Bubbles, Still Life.

I will continue to update this page with every single post I make. If I forget you can always check the home page of the blog for the latest posts and send me a reminded in the comments if I forget!

Hopefully this will help me get better with my camera and it gives me a very good excuse to get out and about on my fancy-pants bike.