Black and white Photography

Black and white has a reputation of being a way of saving a photograph, that has some dodgy colour problems, such as bad white balance.

But black and white is one type of photography that has existed longer than any other kind. Even with colour photography becoming much cheaper to produce, black and white remains incredibly popular and its easy to see why.

Black and white can be incredibly powerful and, even without colour, can be ever more eye catching.

Black and white photograph of a wave breaker in old felixstowe

Wave breaker

I took a trip to old Felixstowe at the weekend to take some photographs, and decided to give black and white a go, in conjunction with my 10-stop filter (to take long exposures during the day).

I was very happy with the end result.

Black and white of a Martello tower

Martello Tower in old Felixstowe, Suffolk.

This is a Martello tower, which you can see randomly along the coast of Suffolk.

As usual, I did most of the work in camera, using Photoshop just to adjust some of the contrast and crop the image down.

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