Kersey – A Beautiful Suffolk Village

Kersey – The beautiful Village of Suffolk

When looking for somewhere to photograph, its easy to loose faith in finding somewhere really beautiful that is near to where you live. But every so often, you will come across somewhere that will take your breath away.

I went for a walk in the small village of Kersey this weekend and was amazed at just how beautiful the area was. It is a village that I don’t believe I have ever been too, or at least not recently enough to remember it.

View from Kersey Church

A view of Kersey

It was amazing to find somewhere so close to where I live, that was so stunningly beautiful. Its not surprising that Kersey is often one of the most regularly featured places on postcards of Suffolk.

I started exploring from the Church Car park, which has a stunning view from the church yard, to the main street of Kersey, including the well known ford, known as Kersey Splash.

I then followed the path down, passing the village sign, to the main street, which is lined by some very beautiful old buildings. after crossing the ford that crosses the main street, i turned back to take a photograph with the church in the background.

Ford in Kersey

Kersey Splash

The church sits atop the hill and can be seen from almost anywhere in Kersey, and the surrounding area. The view of the splash with the beautiful church in the background is a very popular image and can often be seen of Postcards in local post offices.

All in all, Kersey is a wonderful little village and I can be fairly certain I will visit it again someday soon and explore the main street a bit more thoroughly and see what other hidden gems I discover. If you are anywhere close to Hadleigh I highly recommend giving Kersey a visit.


The Village of Kersey

Kersey – Wikipedia

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